Saturday, March 17, 2012

5e Playtest Leak?

Not sure if folks have read this, but a long thread has developed on Enworld in response to info presented on the early playtest rules. Granted, it's an early version and it's still early in the process, but the spirit looks very min-maxy to my eyes.

Too funny, I'm reading through the comments of the whole post and the feeling seems to be it uses lots of 4e mechanics without actually saying so. To the point that one commentor wrote:

"It's like they're [WotC] willing to sleep with 4e, but not willing to be seen in public with it."

Too fucking funny.


  1. The kind of snarky know-nothing comments on that forum thread are exactly the reason why Wizards haven't released an Open Playtest yet. What they are creating is something much better than that half-baked thread presents, and when it's ready for public review I hope that gamers will be willing to give it a fair chance rather than just moaning that it's not like x,y or z edition.

    Disclosure: Yes, I have signed the NDA.

  2. What version of the rules did you see?

    I'll look at the game. If it is min-maxy, or emphasizes characters over players (which I'm sure it will), I don't think it will become part of my gaming experience longterm.

    CON as HP would be a problem. Pluses to ability scores simply because you picked a class? Gimme a break. As I've said before I'm happy to be proven wrong, but I don't think I will be.

    1. I have seen all the playtest releases so far. Out of respect for what WoTC are doing (in short: it's good, and well worth putting the past firmly where it belongs) I don't want to say too much but the next edition of D&D is anything but min-maxy. If anything, it goes in entirely the opposite direction. I'm sure there'll be a Powergamer module released to keep the min-maxers happy though :)

  3. you know they're going to keep it as close to 3.x as possible to get some of that sweet sweet pathfinder money back.

  4. Pluses to Ability scores are as lame as OD&D Prime Requisite Penalties or Class Minimum Requirements.

    Pluses just mean you don't go to sleep as a farmer and wake up as a Fighter the next day, but that you got some improvement because of your training.

  5. It's always good reading here! BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.