Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barrowmaze I and II News and Notes

Just wanted to post an update regarding Barrowmaze and Barrowmaze II.

First, I've just commissioned an artist to redo the Barrowmaze map in both classic blue and black/white. We don't have a date on this yet, but when the time comes I'll let you know here and at http://www.barrowmaze.com/. In case you are new, I funded Barrowmaze on my own (being Canadian I can't use Kickstarter without a US third party) and there just wasn't enough to do the maps. So, in the spirit of keeping things as reasonable as possible I'll make the maps available as a download via rpgnow on the cheap. The same artist is also going to do the map for BMII to keep them uniform. They will be done at a high resolution so you can print the whole thing as a poster, or print sections, or put it on your tablet, whatever works for you and your game. Sound ok?

In terms of Barrowmaze II, I can confirm the following sections of the dungeon: The Secret Shrine of Set, The Temple of Orcus, and the Vault of the Unholy Relic - the secret (and deadly) resting place of the Tablet of Chaos! There are other sections but I'm keeping those on the down-low for the moment. The first two flesh out the two primary factions in detail. There are some cool new treasure types as well.

In terms of art, the majority of the artists from Barrowmaze will return, but there will be some new faces too. The cover has been commissioned and is in progress. I've also started receiving interior art. I'm totally stoked (already) about the illustrations for this project.

Next question: So when will we see BMII?

The answer is that I have two dates in mind. The preamble is this - August and September are very busy months for me at work. I'm usually swamped with lecture prep in advance of the school year. So either BMII will drop before then (in July), or it will be in the mid-fall. Either way, I'm commited to getting it done.

If you have things you'd like to see or suggestions, I'm all over it. Let me know in the comments.


  1. I don't personally have any problems with the maps, but my hardcover hasn't shown up yet, so I don't know how they look in there. I am looking forward to a fleshed out section on the different factions in the Barrowmaze. What do you see the price point being on the upgraded maps on RPGNow when they are finished?

    I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful piece of work, so thank you. It combines some of my favourite things when I run games: swamps/moors, undead, crypts. So it ws right up my alley.

  2. A few people have said the font is hard to read and others have asked for a separate file. So I figured if I can do both, and fulfill my wish for a grand map to match the dungeon then it's win all the way around. If I can sell it for $2.50 I will. Keep in mind rpgnow takes 30% of everything. I'm hopeful people would be cool with that.

    1. I think that is more than reasonable for a price for a map of that size.