Thursday, March 8, 2012

Barrowmaze: Print Now Available

Believe it or not - it's here!!!

After a long and unexpected wait, Barrowmaze is now available in hardcover and softcover.

I apologize for any hassle this caused and I'd like to thank everyone for hanging in there.

Given the two options, I prefer the hardcover as I find it lays flatter at the table.

Also, Barrowmaze II is well into development and artists are already at work. I'll have more to say about it in the coming weeks. I'm also going to have a post on the ups and downs of RPGnow's print service Lightning Source.


  1. That's great news, Greg! I'm also really excited about the upcoming Barrowmaze II. (It needs a cinematic sub-title, though)

  2. Your right, someone emailed me to discuss sometime ago and suggested:

    Barrowmaze II: Now It's Personal

    Haha! I think it's pretty snappy!

    I'm open to suggestions serious or tongue-in-cheek :)

  3. Excellent - I've been impatiently waiting...

  4. I am off to buy the hardcover, the wait was totally worth it!

  5. I don't have anything clever to offer in regards to the next title.

    Maybe "Lightning Source Edition"?
    Oh, wait. That's the hardback I just purchased headed in my direction. ;]

  6. Barrowmaze II: The Search for Loot.

  7. Hardcover/PDF combo ordered! I'm very excited that it is finally available.

    For the sequel, I'd go with a classical reference: Barrowmaze II - Electric Boogaloo. ;-)

  8. I was thinking something subtle yet to the point:

    Barrowmaze: Death, Death, and More Loot!

  9. Do I need another megadungeon? No.
    Have I just ordered the Barrowmaze in hardback? Of course.

    Barrowmaze II: Undead and Loving It.

  10. Thanks man. I appreciate it :)

  11. No bother. If you like, consider it payment for all the poor dead meatshields now littering the halls of Stonehell.

  12. Hah, I love me some blood-money! Muahahahaha

    We are planning an update to Meatshield BTW. We are going to add war-dogs occasionally.

    Anything you'd like to see in there? Names? etc? Not saying I could accomodate everything, but what we can do we will.

  13. Barrowmaze II: Oh Fuck, Blue Sapphire Skeletons!