Monday, March 5, 2012

Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy...

Those of you wishing 4E a quick painful death might be interested in this article.

I'll jedi mind-trick everybody else: *hand wave* This is not the article you are looking for. Move along.


  1. I might pick up a 4e DMG for ten bucks if I saw one.

  2. It seems to me that WotC is aggressively working to alienate their entire fan base. I doubt that 5E will lure many old players back to the fold, and I can't see 4E fans being too happy to have invested wheel-barrows full of money in their game only to have it tossed on the refuse pile after just a few years.

    While I don't really care about WotC or its 'official' D&D brand game de jour, I do think that 4E was the best thing that happened to the hobby in a very long time. Backlash against this sorry excuse of marketing-department-design resulted in a resurgence of interest in old school games and the proliferation of outstanding hobby publishers, such as yourself. Thanks to WotC and 4E I don't ever have to care them ever again; they helped to create a counter-culture community that produces better products than they could ever hope to.

  3. I had the 4E books. They hold a special distinction as it relates to my D&D library - they are the first set of rulebooks I sold off.

  4. No doubt 4E played an inportant role in sending players to the OSR.

    I don't know to what extent Bill Slavisek was behind the creation and push for 4E (he was the brand dude at the time I believe) but boy am I glad (the the offical brand and the hobby) he is gone now.

  5. You guys need to give WotC more credit. The people at WotC truly care about the RPG industry. Since their past failures have made the RPG industry stronger, they've decided to focus on what they're good at: Making everyone else look awesome.

    Kudos to you, WotC!

  6. Yep. Pity they're sitting on a metric tonne of unused 2E and 1E IP that they think they can equal in quality with their own spells, monsters, settings and adventures (here's a hint: nope. eberron, eladrin, keep on the shadowfell, scales of war etc. prove that. And the focus on mechanics they have actively balls up any worldbuilding they do happen to grandfather over with dissociated mechanics and fluff as afterthought).