Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miniature Identification: Grenadier?

Hi all,

I think these two figures are grenadier. Can anyone confirm or set me straight?



  1. Can't tell. :\
    Is there anything written/stamped in the bottom of the bases?

  2. I don't recognize them from any of Grenadier's AD&D line. I'm not sure if they had an earlier miniatures line that these might belong to; the style seems reminiscent of Grenadier, but the sculpts are even cruder than the AD&D minis.

  3. They were from one of the grenadier boxed sets for AD&D. I was given those boxes sets in 1981 with my first set of AD&D books. At, I can see that it was from one of the Action Arts set, which looks exactly right to me. Set 8001, Dungeoneers. The figures are "Female Fighter" and "Lantern Bearer."

  4. Brilliant! Thanks all and especially Doug.

  5. Interesting. I had almost all of the AD&D boxed sets, but I'd never even heard of the Action Arts series before. I recognize most of the miniatures in the Action Arts boxes are from other sets, but I've never seen the female fighter and lantern bearer before.

  6. The Action Art sets are interesting. The set these guys are from was presented as being minis designed by Gary Gygax but the reality appears to be that Gary was not really involved.
    I posted a bit about the set here
    and there is further analysis at Grognardia: