Friday, May 25, 2012

Barrowmaze II Campaign Update

Just a quick update to let everybody know the Barrowmaze II campaign is moving into the final stretch. If we hit 6k I will craft a new firld of Barrow Mounds and create a Random Barrow Mound Crypt Generator that will allow Maze Controllers :) to create their own on the fly. If we hit 7k the ToH-style illustration booklet will kick-in. I know from more than a few emails that people are interested in seeing this happen (as am I). I have some thoughts of my own to help get us there, but if you have a killer idea please share. Also, I thought it might be fun to run a couple google plus games in the next couple weeks for the folks that have pledged to the campaign. Let me know if you'd be interested and we can start the ball rolling.


  1. I'm interested in playing in a G+ game.

  2. Ok that's 4. I'd like another one or two.

    I've only ever added a couple people to a table of players in the past so I'm assuming google+ can handle it well.

    I don't have any experience with tabletop forge, I've just used Twiddla in the past. What's the preference at the moment?

    If you want to generate your characters use Secure Dice, 3d6 in order for abilities, 3d6 for starting gold, go LL+AEC. Full HP at first level. Send your rolls to kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca

    Post your completed character here when you are done.

  3. tabletop forge adds a basic die roller and a whiteboard to hangouts - well, it does more, but thats all i ever use ;)

    never tried Twiddla but makes no dif to me ;)

  4. Erik can you man TTF or do I have to do it?

  5. i can do it - i'll just host the hangout - there isn't much to it at all

  6. Hey Erik, can we record the session a la the video on tent/pole/rope?

  7. no idea - if u can record a hangout, u can record this, as it's just a hangout with an app running within

    btw - based on my rolls - halfling cleric/thief if allowing multi class - if we need me to tank, we're in trouble ;)

  8. I'm not huge on multi-classing esp. for a short game, but if you have your heart set on it ok.

  9. Ill play with my mac mini tomorrow and see if I need to host the hangout in order to record it. Alternatively, perhaps someone with more XP can shed some light on it for us.

  10. Oh yeah, abilities in order are similar to the characer sheets from back in the day so: Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha

  11. if its the classic order, i'll be a magic user - with lots of oil ;)

  12. Hey Erik, check the red box niagara page/magic-user for starting spells

  13. I am stoked. I think I just got us halfway there. I'd kiss a wookie to get my hands on that illustration booklet...

  14. So In the order of people who posted we have Brendan, Erik, Greg, Welleran, Dienekes, and Moe.

    I'm going to hold at those 6 unless someone has to drop out. K?

    Do any of you know how to video record + sessions?

  15. My character:

    Human Fighter
    Level 1
    Chaotic Good
    Age: 18

    STR: 16
    INT: 7
    WIS: 9
    DEX: 5
    CON: 9
    CHA: 12

    AC: 6 (Splintmail + Dex penalty)

    Gear: Splintmail armor, longsword, dagger, backpack, 8 Torches, flint & steel, 1 waterskin, 6 days trail rations

    Weight carried: 75lbs

  16. Just to let you know, I can't do the g+ thing. Not enough time. Thanks though!

  17. No worries. Thanks for letting me know.

  18. I can't make Monday either. It's the only weekday night that I am always busy. Let me know if you run on another night or over the weekend though.

  19. Ok, we'll wait to see if we have critical mass to play. Chime in by 6pm as to whether you are in or out.

  20. Ok, with two out and I'm not feeling 100% with a cold, I'm going to postpone tonight's G+ game until later this week. If you have a preference let it be known here. 8-10pm on weeknights is usually good for me vis a vis kids.