Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Podcast is Up (sorta)

I've done my best with my less-than-stellar tech skills to embed last night's podcast on the blog. It works in safari but explorer doesn't seem to like it. Let me know if it's working for you in the comments.


  1. I couldn't get it to work using firefox. It could be related to restrictions on this computer.

    I instead downloaded it directly using http://dreamchimney.com/briefcase/savetargetas/

    LoDuca's AoD Prologue is currently playing. Ha!

  2. Ok sweet.

    AS simple as it is, I don't know code well enough to fix the functionality. If someone knows what they are doing please drop me a note or post.

  3. Works perfectly for me in bog-standard-set-up firefox 11.0

  4. Ok, I *think* I've found better code. but now it auto-plays which is a pain.

  5. Nice! I think I fixed the auto-play.

  6. Regarding the sandbox discussion

    This style of play is how The Delvers began (some of you Red Box Niagara guys are just kids btw!). It works really well to engage the girls.

    Yes, I totally use modules, but with those in a sandbox it cuts down my DM prep time. The boyscout motto works well for player's always choosing option D.

    I don't remember who said this in the podcast, but I agree that keeping the world consistent is really important.

    One thing the girls made clear to me when we were starting our second campaign was they wanted it to be in the Sunndi.
    The Sunndi was their sandbox, so to speak, and they want to keep interacting with it.

    Regarding poor Tom

    I know Alex (someone else?) was jesting when he mentioned the players who held the funeral, but sometimes this style just isn't for everyone. Although, to be fair to those players, I would be just as upset if the reverse happened to me; it would be frustrating if I sat down to play a sandbox game and found myself on rails.

    Once I asked Sue what her favorite thing was about RPGs.
    She said, "You have to constantly figure things out and use your wits to survive."
    I then asked her what she disliked about RPGs.
    Tongue-in-cheek she said, "You have to constantly figure things out and use your wits to survive."

    It's important to be clear with your players how your game is played.
    Barrowmaze does not pretend to be something it's not, which is something I really appreciate.

    Regarding miniature use

    I have a plethora of Warhammer miniatures, yet I've only used them at our table for establishing party order. I know that others love to go all out with awesome terrain and dungeon sets (and they do look awesome!), but we keep our minis games separate.

    Neither method is wrong fun, but I would be opposed to anything that slows play.

    Dan and someone else(?) both mention tactics when it comes to miniatures. I believe there is false dichotomy that using minis somehow equates to using tactics, while not using minis somehow allows none.

    One of the cringe worthy things talked about in regards to 5E is “It can be tactical or abstract!”

    You can use miniatures abstractly and use tactics without miniatures.

    I also agree with the comment about depersonalization when it comes to minis. That's something I immediately saw when the girls played Encounters.

    Although, I'm not so sure how much 4E had to do with that, since the miniatures and combat were the focus at Encounters.


    Great podcast! Is this a one-shot or are there plans for another some time?

  7. Hey thanks for the response. I'll make sure the guys see it.

    I dont want to say a one shOt, but I can't say regular either as it would cut into gaming time :)

    I think we'll wait to get some additional feedback. We don't want to inflict more suffering on the world than already exists :)

  8. Yeah, we are all feeling for Tom lol

  9. awesome podcast!

    thanks for answering my sandbox question. it validates my decision to run it as such (with numerous dungeons and short encounters that I already own to be seeded). it is extra work, but the players do appreciate it.

    1. I find it's less work to sandbox, but I do fill most of the hexes with modules and random tables. Maybe use that Deck of Encounters you have? I'm not really familiar with how that product works, but from what you said it sounds perfect for your needs.

      P.S. Tell the Grumpy Dwarf that reading too many WotC articles damages the part in your brain that holds Vancian Magic.

      You can't cast Mirror Image on the fighter or anyone else in ANY edition.

      You cast it on yourself, dumb dwarf. ;]

    2. What does a dwarf know about magic? The "delicate" races cast that crap ;)

      But yeah, that was a boo boo, but hey, even Grumpy Dwarves caqn have brain farts... heh

    3. What does a dwarf know about magic?


  10. haha. thanks for the feedback burnedfx.

  11. This podcast inspired a new topic on my blog, check it out!

  12. I don't know if it's because I'm using Chrome or what, but I'm I only seem to be able to get it in Quicktime format. I want to listen to it on my phone, but that doesn't even see the links when I navigate to your page. I'm not sure if it'll play quicktime (it's android) so that makes me :(

    But it's entirely possible that I'm just new to this whole pod thing and am just making some noob mistake along the way. I do know my podcast reader can't seem to locate it though.

    1. Hey Micah,

      I'm not sure if you're going to check back here, but there is a download of the podcast in mp3 format under "Cigarette Break" on this post: http://thedelvers.com/2012/double-decker-bologna-sandwich

      Your podcast reader should pick this up.