Sunday, May 6, 2012

Barrowmaze Podcast

Tomorrow, instead of our normal gaming session, we've decided to create podcast. We have a rough outline, but I'd like to have a segment where we answer questions about the dungeon, or our game, or sandboxing, or old school play. It's completely up to you! You can leave your thoughts in the comments or send to kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca


  1. As i just kicked off my sandbox, i'd like to hear your ideas on sandboxing. Sandboxing is a broad and encompassing term, just like a sandbox campaign is generally broad and encompassing.

  2. I love minis and have painted plenty. But I am torn as to whether I should use them in an old school style game. Do you find minis slow the flow of the game? How often do you use them?

  3. Very cool I really liked the live vids you did on your Red Box site thought as I get to see what exactly is going on with movement of pieces and such.

    BTW Have you given any idea to doing a Barrowmaze DMG screen ( I noticed you had made one for yourself in your pics). It might be cool to have one that displays cool artwork from the Barrowmaze on the outside, and contains charts on the inside that include stuff like light source, movement, wandering monsters, etc. It would be really cool if you had one side of the inside of the screen contain a Turn Tracker ( like the one Labrynth Lords put out you have in your pics) which was moveable so a GM would have an all in one tool. Just an idea of something I think be cool to see...