Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gencon Event Registration

I managed to get signed up today for the events I wanted at Gencon. I only signed-up for two: the 5e playtest and a DCCRPG adventure.

When I first attended Gencon in 2008, I didn't sign-up for any events. I just took myself on an extended tour of the whole thing and observed.

The next time I went in 2010, I went with a good friend and our wives. We gamed during the day and then met up with them at night. It was good put we played too many games. I also DMed a game (TPK lol).

So this time round I'm going to play in two, run a session of Barrowmaze, and tool around the dealer hall. Initially I was going to stay for the whole thing, but with the wife going I think it makes more sense to leave on the Saturday morning and have a more leisurely drive home. It takes about 9 1/2 hours from Southern Ontario. I will also be at OSRcon the weekend before and will likely be out of steam by Saturday anyway.


  1. I didn't get into Barrowmaze, but we really wanted too. Are you going to do any pick-up sessions?

    I just blogged about this over at my site. I was hoping to get into any LL game.

  2. Not at this point, but that's subject to change if there's sufficient interest.