Sunday, January 22, 2012

5E and Monsters

Two things about the new edition that I don't understand:

1.If they aren't keen on Fifth Edition or 5E, and lets face it nobody will call it D&D Next for any length of time, why didn't they label the edition their preferred name when they made the announcement? You won't be able to fight down 5E two years after the fact.

2. What are they going to do with monsters? I mean to say, how many OD&D/Basic/1E players are going to want to play with Hellspawn Goblins and Teeth-Nashing Zombies (or whatever stupid IP name they come up with)? Hopefully they will leave all that shite for later monster books.



  1. 1. Because it's about D&D: Dungeons & Dragons, as 'a game', rather than a particular 'edition'?

    Calling it "5.0" would be too much like another of the lame software iteration of the computer game Wizards was trying to make it become.

    Too much baggage inherent with that kind of naming convention, imho.

    2. The IP is already there. A 'Drow Wand Mage™' is still a drow mage with a wand. Besides, you don't need minis to play D&D.

    I wouldn't mind seeing them produce a 'Hand-wringing Bilious Grognard™' or a '4E Rulebook Completist With Bookcart™' mini though...

  2. My question is, if there is going to be an ability to play with multiple styles of characters from multiple editions, than does that mean Monsters are going to have multiple stats?

    Will the Goblin my OD&D style character is fighting operate like a OD&D Goblin while the Goblin Boot Nitpicker my buddy's 4e character is fighting operate like a 4e Goblin Boot Nitpicker?


  3. For one thing the Goblins as you called the Hellspawn Goblins. Hellspawn is usually applied as the template in modern incarnations of the game. It adds a template that changes the basic stats of a goblin to make them more interesting or give them more abilities. I think it is exactly what should be done with monster. All be it I think the templates need to actually effect the CR of the monster.

  4. Justine, I was saying that tongue firmly in cheek because you simply don't need "hellspawn" anything to play D&D.