Monday, January 9, 2012

Barrowmaze: Interior Art II

I've had my head down and my sleeves rolled up for the last 48 hours, working to edit and complete the first release of the Barrowmaze. This will be a two part release (basically character levels 1-4ish and then later mid and high level play) because I can only peck away at it when the time allows. It is going to be packed with new art. I've spared no expense. More on that later.

Speaking of art, I just received a few amazing pieces from the great Trevor Hammond, a wonderful British illustrator. Trevor did work for White Dwarf in the 1980s and specializes in the macabre and alternative fantasy.

Behold, Trev's fearsome Barrow Wight!!! Does this guy drip Old School or what?

*I literally just saw the 5E announcement and will have something to say on that in the coming days.


  1. Nice picture. Is there a post or series of posts that I can check out summarizing what the Barrowmaze is? I mean, I know it is a megadungeon, but is it based on a particular idea or style or type of play?

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  2. looks like a pretty formidable opponent

  3. Nice art! My first thought was "Doctor Doom with his mask off!"