Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Naming the Dungeon

To this point, either during play or on the blog, I've been referring to my mega dungeon as simply the Barrowmze.

But now that I'm at the layout stage, I'm wondering whether I need something more creative than simply The Barrowaze or The Barrowmaze Megadungeon.

Should I have something more elaborate like The Forbidden Crypts of the Barrowmaze or somesuch? There are lots of crypts, tombs, and undead.

I've looked at naming tables here and here, but I'm still unsure.

What do you think? Do you want to take a kick at the can?


  1. I don't see anything wrong with the Barrowmaze. You can come up with the more elaborate name for the campaign as a whole, and players/PCs can simply refer to the dungeon itself by the shorter name.

  2. The "Barrowmaze" works for me, but I'm in an alliterative mood tonight, so:

    The Abhorred Acres
    The Byzantine Barrows
    Blasted Boneyard
    The Fetid Fields
    The Loathsome Lands
    The Maligned Mounds
    Malevolent Moors
    The Repulsive Ruins
    Repugnant Rocks
    The Stairs/Stones of the Shunned Sleepers
    Tombs of the Tormented

    Blight of the Jennorak?

  3. It's possible different people call it different things.

    For example, if your dungeon is the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, it might be described as such in an adventurer's guild tome. The king's tax rolls might call it the Eveningstar Halls. The people of the nearby town of Eveningstar might just call it "the Halls" or "the dungeon" since it's the only big dungeon nearby. A poet might refer to it obscurely as "The Star of Nightfall".

  4. Barrowmaze is terrific, why complicate things? Also, I am really big on the notion that different people call each area or thing by different names, as per 1d30's suggestion above.

  5. I like 'The Barrowmaze' fine but I'll stick my oar in for the word 'Necropolis' too. 'The Necropolis Below', maybe?

  6. Barrowmaze is an excellent name and doesn't really need anything else to adorn it. I like the various naming conventions by different groups too.