Saturday, January 21, 2012

Munchkin and Dungeon!

Red Box Niagara met last night. We were going to continue with the Barrowmaze sessions but, because we didn't play in December, we thought we would have a shoot-the-shit session and play some different games.

I'm a pretty hardcore D&D guy, mostly because one gets so few opportunities to play, but wanted to try out the Munchkin card game. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but it was pretty fun and I'd play it again. Alex won to which he exclaimed "I won Dungeons and Dragons...and it was Advanced!" :)

The other guys had never played Dungeon! before so we had a rousing game in which I lost by 1 square. Figures lol

Anyway, it was good fun and I also got a chance to try out the new camera. We plan on playing our next Barrowmaze session next week.

Finally, I have my editors working hard to find typos etc in the Barrowmaze document. Will have those addressed next week. I should also have the cover art in the next wee while. After that I'll upload it to RPGnow, order a print copy, and if it's all good I'll open it for sale.


  1. Love the old Dungeon Board game, I laminated that map and have it on the wall in my game room.

  2. You don't happen to have a scan of the whole game board do you?