Monday, January 30, 2012

Barrowmaze: Interior Art VI

The mongrelmen are another faction trying to survive in the Barrowmaze.

This fellow, an interesting NPC, was illustrated by John Larrey and Jason Sholtis.

Update: I just received the colour cover from Stefan Poag last night! I'll be sure to post a preview in a couple days.


  1. Very cool pic! Thanks for sharing! Gotta use more mongrelmen in my games...

  2. Somehow, the banjo riff from 'Deliverance' echoes through my ears whenever I think of mongrelmen. Great looking pic.
    I would love to see a mongrelman explaining his family tree... "My grandmother was a bugbear who married a lobster, and their third child was my father, who married a kangaroo, whereas my great grandfather was a chicken..." This is why we need a 'defense of marriage act," folks. The alternative leads straight to mongrelmen.

  3. Nice Mongrelman!
    When the Complete Book of Humanoids came out, my highschool friend and I became kind of obsessed with mongrelmen - so much so that we took that book, the excellent Ecology article in Dragon and ran a series of PC Mongrelmen only adventures in the sewers of Waterdeep.

  4. Awesome picture! Really looking forward to this!