Saturday, January 28, 2012

WotC: New for 2012 with Translations!

I've enjoyed reading the updates from DDXP recently.

Normally I wouldn't give a rat's arse, but 1) I'm interested in the old edition reprints, 2) WotC is always good for entertainment value.

Some of their new crap from 2012 warrants comment:

If these are indeed the new covers for the AD&D reprints, then I'm just so-so on them. They could be a lot better, they could have been a lot worse.

The other information I've run through the WotC-5000 translation device:

Q: Is Ed's Forgotten Realms edition neutral?
A: It focuses on his specific campaign, so his individual stories might mention mechanics from different editions, the stories and lore should apply to all editions.

Translation: Ed wasn't raised on the new crap, but we'll continue to shoe-horn it the best we can.

Q: Any plans to rerelease the other products for 1E and 2E and other editions, either in print or electronically?
A: We are looking at making a lot of that older material available to you, but we want to make sure we do it right for you guys and for Wizards. We'll have more news on that.

Translation: We might do it if the AD&D reprints sell well.

Q: Resetting of timelines for the Realms?
A: I can't give a specific answer to that. We know there are things that people like and dislike about different timelines in the various settings. If there's information that's part of the canon, it still happened. We won't tell people in what time period to play in.

Translation: We know we really, really, dropped the ball and F-ed the Realms. So, we'll avoid the question by talking about timelines instead.

Q: Lots of errata has happened, making old books "worthless." Will it be better for D&D Next?
A: We're working on a better process for errata, and we hope very much to not have as much errata in D&D Next.

Translation: We know a lot of our 4th edition stuff wasn't publication ready, but we published it anyway.

Q: What did WotC learn from Essentials?
A: Do the ground-floor, entry-level stuff first. Start with the starter set, then add complexity. If we'd released Essentials first then PBH 1 as an Advanced PHB, we wouldn't have had the same problems.

Translation: We thought not having a beginner set (to begin with) was a great idea. Now we realize that we're the only people that thought that way. Oops.

Q: What's the goal for the art in D&D Next?
A: Art should tell the story of D&D. Show you a scene that looks like it's an adventure.

Translation: We finally realize that our constant representation of heroes in GQ model poses really sucked-ass. We decided that we needed to do what we should have been doing all along, rather than doing our own thing. *shakes fist*


  1. That's a pretty fair assessment. I tip my hat to you, sir.

  2. By Frankenstien's Beard!

    What's all this yabber jabbering about "timelines"? Since when did a campaign setting turn into the DC Universe? What is this, Crisis on Infinite Oerths? Who gives a flumph? In the room there are monsters! Fight!

    I guess my old skoolness is showing. The only "timeline" that matters to me starts when you roll a 3d6 for STR and ends with the letters TPK.

    Ahem... Sorry. Feelin' squirrely tonight I guess...

  3. As someone who hasn't play D&D in since Bill Clinton was President, I'd buy the reprints in a heartbeat IF they had original covers. I do not consider these original covers. What I'm really hoping for is reprints of version 1, 2, and 3 of the basic sets. Oh my gosh, that would be amazing.