Sunday, February 19, 2012

Advice Needed: Podcasting Mics

I need to buy an omnidirectional mic for my home-game so I can have the voices of players around the table heard by players on google+

I know zip about this sort of thing.

I know prices can get crazy quickly. Can anyone suggest a good, reasonably priced omnidirectional mic and perhaps any dos/donts to consider along the way?



  1. The Zoom H2 is nice in that you don't need to pair it with a computer at the table. If you'll have a computer at the table anyhow, take a look at the Blue Yeti.

  2. They're a bit more expensive but a good PZM mic is gold for that kind of work. I've even recorded bands with them and they sound great. Here's one I've had good luck with: They're about $200 on Amazon.