Monday, February 20, 2012

Barromaze Session Report

The most recent after-action report of the Barrowmaze is now available. You can find it here at

This was an unusual session (for us) because it was our first foray with google+.

We had two players and myself at the table and two on plus. It worked really well and we have thoughts to work out some of the minor bugs and issues in the future.


  1. The character bios contain spoilers. Poor one eye.

    He he.


  2. Yes, I think it goes without saying that if you are reading the session reports there will be spoilers :)

  3. Anyone who reads the bios will know what happens before they read the "story" )

    BTW, I'm very curious to know how long your average Barrowmaze session is.



  4. I'll be honest, I realy don't understand your point. Yes, if people read the RBN site they will find all kinds of stuff including spoilers for other printed adventures (Iron God, One Pagers, etc). It's a grand narrative of the setting and our gaming group much like Red Box Vancouver or Red Box NYC.

    Also, the comments suggest the Barrowmaze is a static unchanging enviroment which it is most certainly not, as I indicated in document itself.

    How long are the individual sessions? Well, we normally start around 7:30-8pm after my kids are tucked in bed and we play anywhere between 10-12pm with the average being to about 11pm. We don't play later than that as we all have our day jobs...and young kids are always up early.

  5. The session reports are terrific. I enjoyed all of them, but I would always read the bios first, so I knew which characters were going to get whacked. It actually made reading them more enjoyable. I wasn't complaining, just making a humorous observation.

    The reason I ask about the length of play is because the sessions seemed kind of short. Being unfamiliar with 4E (which I know has slower combats). I was curious how much that played a factor.

    Barrowmaze definitely has an old school feel to it, and the players having to constantly go back to town for a fresh batch of hirelings brings back some great memories.



  6. Ohhh, ok.

    I could see how that would add to the enjoyment :)

    Yes, the sessions are shorter mostly because we play weeknights 90% of the time. I try to keep the weekends clear for my kids.