Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: D&D Tee from have a number of tees with old school D&D prints, so I decided to order a shirt. I don't have very nice things to say about the experience.

First: It took them over a week just to make the shirt.

Second: It was expensive, like $25 for the shirt plus $12 dollars shipping, because, you know, I live on Mars. If I bought two shirts the shipping price jumped to $28 bucks, if you can believe that! Gimme a break.

Third: As you can see from the image at the webstore and the image above the prints are very different in size.

Fourth: The worst part is that the quality of the tee is average to poor. The tshirt is very thin. If I'm paying that much for a tee it had better be super sweet and durable. It isn't and it won't be.

I contacted them and explained my point of view and was invited to return the shirt. GEE THANKS.

Overall, I was disappointed with the entire experience. I wish I could say something positive, to balance this discussion but there was no silver lining whatsoever.

My advice - find your gaming tees somewhere else.


  1. So wait..

    It is actually cheaper to buy two shirts separately and have them mailed to you then to buy them together and have them mailed to you? ($12+$12 VS $28).


  2. Yep. That's the kind of BS I'm talking about.

  3. It wold be much cheaper to buy the special iron-on transfer paper, print the Red-Box image to it and iron it on yourself onto a nice high quality T-shirt.

    $25.00 for one T-shirt? I've shopped at a place that sold 3 t-shirts for like $5.00. They were good quality and have lasted a long-time. That site needs a mascot... a highwayman pointing a gun at you.

  4. Where do the transfers come from?

  5. I think you can purchase the iron-on transfer paper or kit from office supply stores, Target or, maybe even, Wal Mart.