Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barrowmaze Review at Grognardia

James M. at Grognardia has undertaken a review of Barrowmaze.

He seemed to enjoy it. Obviously, it's meant for play, but I hope folks find inspiration in the dungeon if nothing else.

I'm glad he liked the art - a lot of thought and care went into the illustrations. I played a pretty active role in the type of scenes and images with all the artists. I hope they still want to work with me on Barrowmaze II :)

As I've mentioned in the past there are numerous homages and themes in Barrowmaze, some in the art and some in the text. I think it might be fun to have a post on that and we can delve together for some hidden loot in the pages of the dungeon :) Let me know what you think.

Still haven't received my print copies.


  1. That review at Grognardia lead me here. Going to buy this when it goes to print.

    Have to ask though, is Red Box Niagara still around? If new players are accepted it seems like something I would love to try out.

  2. Absolutely!

    Do you live closeby or wanna google+?

    Please drop me a note: kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca.