Thursday, February 9, 2012

Barrowmaze Print Update

Here's an update on Barrowmaze.

The .pdf is available at RPGnow and DrivethruRPG. I've been very humbled and pleasantly surprised by the interest in the .pdf. Thank you. Please continue to pass the word to your gaming comrades.

In terms of print, you'll be able to order softcover and hardcover paper copies shortly. My copies are enroute, but I do want to make 100% sure that there aren't any issues. I need to be sure that when you order your copy it will look super-sweet. The long and short of the story is that you will be able to order print very shortly. Just hang in there with me.

Finally, is up and in its infancy. Look for some additional content etc to appear there as things move along. Meatshields! will now be hosted from that site and we are working on a content and interface update for all you Old Schoolers, so you can rock your games as hard as possible.

Thanks again for your support.


  1. I'd definitely buy the PDF if it weren't for the fact that it has copy/paste disabled. It makes it harder to "make it my own" without having multiple sheets to reference for lots of encounter areas.

  2. *Shazam* My bad for not knowing that was important. Ask and you shall receive :)

  3. I bought a copy when it came out. Although I am not a a fan of mega dungeons I am really enjoying Barrowmaze. When I finish it I plan on doing a review and maybe taking my newbie group through it. It is really well done.

  4. Thanks Tim. I really appreciate it.

    As I mentioned on this blog, Barrowmaze started as an experiment. An "I wonder if I could do it my way" exercise in dungeon generation. Of course, I love to make work and expense for myself :)

    If you look at the early RBN session reports we were playing modules and one pagers. Things just kind of moved the way of a megadungeon. My players still seem keen on the idea, even though they are dying frequently.

    I guess that's a good indication that you have a good group of players.

  5. Any idea of the prices for the print version? I'm right on the verge of grabbing the PDF, but the PDF+Print deal is pretty tempting.

  6. Not etched in stone yet but in the 15.99 for softcover and 19.99 for hardcover. Again, don't hold me to it but that's the ballpark.