Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Barrowmaze Tomorrow Night

Looks like our stalwart band of tomb-robbers want to see some more action - despite the recent near-TPK.

Gotta love D&D :)

Anyway, we might have room for a player via google+ (Thursday 7:45 eastern). I'm still trying to determine how many empty seats I have. We have a swanky new omnidirectional mic that should work well.

The life expectancy of your character is about an hour.

Anything longer than that and you can claim that you won D&D.

Drop me a note at kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca


  1. Great! When will the print version of Barrowmaze be availible?

  2. I'm STILL waiting on my copies in the mail. I'm at the mercy of snailmail.

  3. Also waiting for the print edition here!